Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Labda Kesho

Day 2 of meeting clients and watching our teams present. We were last up presenting to the Federation of Kenya employers. A busy, stressful and rewarding day. FKE liked what we had to say and we are off to the races.

We again sat in traffic.  And then sat some more because of the rain. It was our first real downpour of the rainy season and we looked like drowned rats - which really isn't good when trying to make a good first impression .   But we made it through the day and then went for a traditional Kenyan meal at a restaurant that we'll call 'Kenyan meal restaurant' cause I really have no idea where we were.  I do know it was close and that we only sat in traffic for 20 mins which is a current world record.

A traditional Kenyon meal is comprised of many shared dishes which you eat with your hands.   It is rude to reach for your food and to eat with your left hand so when I say you eat with your hands I really just mean your right hand.  Dinner was chicken and goat meat on several trays along with ugali which is a dish of cornmeal and water mixed to a porridge. You then pick apart a bit of the porridge and roll it into a bite size ball which is eaten with the meat and veg together as one large bite. The veg is a either a  salad and/or steamed kale.

There were a few Tusker beers thrown into the mix as we waited for our dinner. And then waited a bit more and then some more until we were 1.5 hours into the evening.  I was beginning to think we had hit on a classic Kenyon opportunity for labda kesho.  We would eat 'maybe tomorrow'.  Total cost:  $13


  1. Food actually sounds not bad ... did it ever arrive? Caroline

  2. it arrived finally but very late and that was after we had pre-ordered!

  3. Wow, imagine if you hadn't pre-ordered. Was wondering how you eat porridge with your hand...now I know. Traffic sounds incredible - if Mumbai and Bangkok aren't comparable, I can't imagine....