Wednesday, 28 May 2014

So where have I been?

At least 1 of you has missed me. 

Last weekend (May 17, 18) we went on safari again - this time to Lake Naivasha and Lake Nakuru.  Known for birds, rhino's, buffalo, zebra and various other kinds of African like animals.  The day started cool at 6am especially since we were climbing up onto the edge of The Great Rift Valley.

Entering the Great Rift Valley
Anyway, it certainly warmed up as I got completely sunburned later in day as we climbed a volcano called Mt. Longonot.  At 2,776m high it is, I'm sure it is the tallest mountain on the planet. 

My knees were certainly telling me that as both were swollen for 2 days after that adventure.  But how many times can you say you climbed a volcano? In Africa.

From there we drove to Lake Nakuru and went on another game drive.  Looking for the ever elusive cats, we saw monkeys, rhinos' buffalo, zebra, flamingos but no cats.  I tried to get a refund but they weren't budging.  We stayed at the Lion Hill Game Lodge which was just fabulous, thank you very nice.  Food was great and the views over the lake were amazing.  I managed to stay away to have a glass of wine in my jammies with the ladies and then crashed - only to be kept awake with my knees. 

More of the same the next day except I skipped a game drive and slept on a lounge chair by the pool until the group came back from lunch.  Stopped to do a bit of shopping on the way back to Nairobi and then played cat and mouse with a very large, fast aggressive bus on the way into the city.  Nasty bus driving man.


  1. great picture! Sounds like an amazing day - the animals must be incredible along with the views!

  2. I missed you! am enjoying living vicariously through your adventures!!